“There is noth…

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to
find ways in which you yourself have altered.”
Nelson Mandela, A Long Walk To Freedom, 1994.

I am indebted to former President Nelson Mandela for giving me permission to quote him in my soon-to-be published book, LIGHT ON A DARK SECRET. A man of such stature and grace is a gift to the world, and I am honored to have his nod of approval. Enjoy this slideshow about the man from the BBC.



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January 6, 2013 · 1:02 pm

It’s 2013… Time for birth and new beginnings.

2013 has rolled around awfully quickly and has the promise that a new page always offers. 2012 brought many good things, as well as its share of sadness and worldwide strife, but thankfully the world didn’t end on December 21, and I am very hopeful that we can look forward to good things in the coming year.

On a personal level, I saw the new year in happily, in one of my favorite places on earth –¬† Hawaii. Fireworks exploded into the night sky at midnight, showering glittering stars over the ocean, eliciting oohs and ahs. The excitement was a prelude to the things I have to look forward to in the coming months; the birth of a granddaughter in February and the publication of my third novel, LIGHT ON A DARK SECRET in the near future. (It’s in its final stages of editing as I write.) It too, is like the birth of a child in many ways.

I have nurtured and created this child over a long gestation period. It grew from a tiny seed of thought until it had to be written; and then it had to be re-written many times until it seemed ready to face the world. Even then, it had to be examined and edited – but now, it’s getting ready to be born. I have all the excitement and anxiety of giving birth ahead of me!

LIGHT ON A DARK SECRET is the story of four women whose lives intersected when a child was born out of wedlock in 1982. Twenty years later, she is on a quest to find her birth parents and solve the mystery that has plagued her life. What she finds, forces these four women to address their own dark secrets, as each tells the story from her own perspective.

I will keep you posted about publication date – and the birth.

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January 5, 2013 · 11:46 am

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Make a Terrible Gardening Pun?

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Make a Terrible Gardening Pun?.

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J.K. Rowling’s Casual Success.

The wonder woman does it again, but this time J.K. Rowling has written for adults, “The Casual Vacancy.” Rowling said that she was aiming for ‘Dickensian sweep’ in this multi-character novel. It is a departure from juvenile Harry with¬† sex, satire and swearing and it’s receiving mixed reviews. This isn’t stopping the book flying off the shelves with people lining up to buy it. There are many adults who grew up on Harry Potter, who are now delighted to read more of their beloved author. It should be a good Christmas for Joanne Rowling. Nothing breeds success like success…..

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was chaotic and wonderful!

Kate dressed to kill!

Here’s the whole clan…

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